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We aim to innovate indoor rowing experience not to only make you faster but also make you enjoy it.

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Story of Rowingo

2012 - 2017

We grew up training on Concept’s ergs and personally, we dreaded each training session, enduring six days a week, eagerly anticipating the return to the water. Especially we were not fans of that handle – hands splayed, no rotation, no synchronization possible. Winter brought additional challenges to this aspect of training. 

After a few years, we began training novices, who, like us, grappled with oars post-winter season. Upon consulting with coaches from the Czech representation, we discovered this struggle was common among their rowers too. The meticulously trained technique of oar pulling always suffered after winter.

“In my first year of rowing, following an exhausting winter session, I jotted down in my training diary a simple vision of a perfect rowing machine. This vision laid the foundation for our machine.” 

– Matous, co-founder


In 2018, we picked up where the 2012 sketch left off, embarking on the journey to turn our dream into reality. Initially, it was just the two of us: Matous and Jan, rowing together from day one for eight years, primarily in a coxless pair. We dedicated time to envisioning and planning the functionality and appearance of the ideal rowing machine.

We sought out feedback from fellow rowers regarding our sketches. The response mirrored our sentiments: they liked it resembled a boat, and that they needed oars in winter. This was our first 3D model.

2019 - 2021

Once we made enough sketches and designs, we enlisted the help of our friend David to bring them to life. Rowingo’s early days were characterized by the wild process of crafting prototypes mostly from wood.

The introduction of 3D printing revolutionized our development process. We could draft parts in a computer program and let our 3D printer (affectionately named TED!) work through the night.


In the summer of 2022, we initiated the patent registration processes both in Czechia and internationally.

We clinched victory in a startup contest within our home district.

Come September 2022, we graced the World Rowing Championship in Račice, Czechia, showcasing our progress and presenting two of our prototypes.

In November 2022, we were handpicked as one of the ten finalists in the national round of the Creative Business Cup contest.